Calendar Coffee | Magwila AB | Tanzania | Filter

Calendar Coffee | Magwila AB | Tanzania | Filter

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Blackberry & Peach
Harvest: July 2019

Country: Tanzania
Producer: Magwila Farmers Group
Region: Mbozi, Songwe
Process: Washed
Variety: Kent
Altitude: 1,600 - 1,800 masl 
Arrival: December 2019

We fell in love with the coffees from the Magwila Farmers group last year and this seasons crop is possibly even better! Almost everything we’ve tasted from south Tanzania this year has been delicious and if we could, we would take a whole lot more. This will be our second year roasting Magwila AB which was one of our favourite espresso roasts from last year. This year's crop is slightly different. It’s a little less creamy with a lot more jammy fruit and complexity, and we think it makes for a beautiful filter coffee. 

Magwila is a group of 59 smallholder farmers, located in the Mbozi district, southern Tanzania. The main season here runs from the end of May to July with the trees flowering between September and October. The farmers here tend to the high yielding Kent variety but a combination of older trees, frequent droughts and lack of irrigation in the area means production here is extremely low. On average, just 120 bags are produced by this group annually. Production may be small but the quality here is fantastic, showcasing what we love most about Southern Tanzanian coffees.

The grading system here is based on size and is similar to what you would find in Kenya, with AA being the largest beans and PB being the smallest. The grade AB sits between the two and this particular lot was our favourite of a really great table. Jammy and sweet, this coffee has distinct notes of blackberry and stone fruit. There’s an interesting herbal flavour here too which sits somewhere between lavender and rosemary, something we’ve come to expect from these amazing coffees.